A group of runners eager for the start.


It's not the winning but the taking part that counts, so we don't pay too much attention to results.  However, we understand that some folk are interested in them, so we'll try to remember to post them here.

Our routes are all undulating, so bear that in mind if you think the times look slow.  Lots of wee hills soon build up into one big hill!

Valentine's 5K 2014

Neil Galligan M 27.11
Louise Muir F 29.42
Julie MacEachern F 29.59
Denise Rozga F 33.19
Catriona Brodie F 40.41

Valentine's 10K 2014

Jim Lutomski M 48.19
Caroline Morris F 56.22
Vivian Livingstone F 1.02.33
Laura Logan F 1.02.33
Karen Siddell F 1.03.07
Bronwen Currie F 1.03.07